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We specialize in

* Dragon / Lion Dances
* Authentic African-American 1920’s Charleston & Lindy Hop
- By the GlitterKittens
* Cultural Dances
- Anika Asia : The Singapore Multi Ethnic Dances
- Anika Asia : Glimpse of Asia Dances ( Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia)
* Traditional Costumes Welcoming Line / Greetings
* Traditional Costumes Rental
* Dance lessons or demonstrations for singles & groups

We perform for corporate events, weddings, community functions & ethnic celebrations among many others.

Chinese Dances & Culture.
• Chinese Dance
• Luminous Dragon Dance
• Lantern Dragon Dance
• Northern Lion Dance
• Southern Lion Dance
• QiLin Dance
• Big Head Doll
• God of Fortune
Malay Dances & Culture.
• Traditional  Dances
• Dikir Barat
• Kompangs
Rhythm of Drums.

• 24 Season Drums
• Malay Kompang & Gendang
• Indian Tabla
• Samba Percussions
• Multi Ethnic Percussions

Indian Dances & Culture.
• Indian Classical & Semi Classical Dance
• Bollywood Dance
• Bangra Dance
Asean Dances.
• Thai Dance
• Indonesia Dance
• Vietnam Dance
• Multi Ethnic Dance
Acrobatic Act.
• Chinese Acrobatic
• Balancing Big Flag
• Flag Acrobatic
• Stilt Walker
• Wushu Demonstration
Authentic African-American Dance.

• 1920s Charleston
• Lindy Hop (Swing Dance)

Burlessque/Cabaret/All That Jazz

Burlessque  were popular from the 1860s to the 1940s, often in cabarets and clubs, as well as theatres. Some Hollywood films attempted to recreate the spirit of these performances from the 1930s to the 1960s, or included burlesque-style scenes within dramatic films, such as 1972's Cabaret and 1979's All That Jazz, among others.

Cultural Booth.

• Malay Ketupat Weaving Demo
• Indian Hena Painting
• Chinese Calligraphy/”Hong Bao” Red packet paper folding Demo

Talent Mascots.

• Rental
• Fabrication